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Année 2013

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A passively cooled heatpipe for spectrocopy

J. Gillot, C. Lemarchand, I. Braud, B. Decamps, A. Gauguet, J. Vigué and M. Büchner

Achieving few-femtosecond time-sorting at hard X-ray free-electron lasers

M. Harmand, R. Coffee, M. R. Bionta, M. Chollet, D. French, D. Zhu, D. M. Fritz, H. T. Lemke, N. Medvedev, B. Ziaja, S. Toleikis and M. Cammarata

Attachment cross-sections of protonated and deprotonated water clusters

S. Zamith, G. de Tournadre, P. Labastie, and J.-M. L’Hermite

Fast transport of two ions in an anharmonic trap

M. Palmero, E. Torrontegui, D. Guéry-Odelin and J. G. Muga

Heat capacities of mass selected deprotonated water clusters

S. Zamith, P. Labastie, and J.-M. L’Hermite

Inhomogeneous High Harmonic Generation in Krypton Clusters

Ruf H., Handschin C., Cireasa R., Thiré N., Ferré A., Petit S., Descamps D., Mével E., Constant E., Blanchet V., Fabre B. and Mairesse Y.

Matter-wave scattering on an amplitude-modulated optical lattice

P. Cheiney, C. M. Fabre, F. Vermersch, G. L. Gattobigio, R. Mathevet, T. Lahaye and D. Guéry-Odelin

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