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Année 2000

Inelastic energy loss of light particles scattered by solid surfaces at low energy : influence of the gap

M. Boudjema, N. K. T. D’Bichi, Y. Boudouma, A.C. Chami, B. Arezki, K. Khalal Kouache, C. Bénazeth and P. Benoit-Cattin

Pump probe experiment in atomic fine structure levels : Observation of the oscillation of an angular wavepacket

S. Zamith, M. A. Bouchene, E. Sokell, C. Nicole, V. Blanchet and B. Girard

Scattering of 4 keV Ne+, Na+ and F+ ions from a NaCl (100) surface under a small angle of incidence

M. Richard-Viard, C. Bénazeth, P. Benoit-Cattin, P. Cafarelli, S. Abidi, J. P. Ziesel

Towards Disentangling Coupled Electronic-vibrational Dynamics in Ultrafast Non-Adiabatic Processes

V. Blanchet, M. Zgierski, Z-C Yan, T. Seidemann, S. Lochbrunner, J.J. Larsen, M. Schmitt, J.P. Shaffer and A. Stolow