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Année 2012

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An all-solid-state laser source at 671 nm for cold atom experiments with lithium

U. Eismann, F. Gerbier, C. Canalias, A. Zukauskas, G. Trénec, J. Vigué,
F. Chevy and C. Salomon

Characterization of the femtosecond speckle field of a multiply scattering medium via spatio-spectral interferometry

Ayhan Tajalli, David J. McCabe, Dane R. Austin, Ian A. Walmsley and Béatrice Chatel

Collecting more than half the fluorescence photons from a single ion

R. Maiwald, A. Golla, M. Fischer, M. Bader, S. Heugel, B. Chalopin, M. 
Sondermann and G. Leuchs

Fast transitionless expansion of cold atoms in optical Gaussian-beam traps

E. Torrontegui, Xi Chen, M. Modugno, A. Ruschhaupt, D. Guéry-Odelin, and J. G. Muga

Fizeau’s “aether-drag” experiment in the undergraduate laboratory

Thierry Lahaye, Pierre Labastie and Renaud Mathevet

Fragmentation cross sections of protonated water clusters

Sébastien Zamith, Pierre Labastie and Jean-Marc L’Hermite

Generation and Characterization of Multimode Quantum

O. Pinel, P. Jian, R. Medeiros de Ara-ujo, J. Feng, B. Chalopin, C.
Fabre and N. Treps

Generation of a wave packet tailored to e-cient free space excitation of a single atom

A. Golla, B. Chalopin, M. Bader, I. Harder, K. Mantel, R. Maiwald, N.
Lindlein, M. Sondermann and G. Leuchs

He-McKellar-Wilkens Topological Phase in Atom Interferometry

S. Lepoutre, A. Gauguet, G. Trénec, M. Büchner and J. Vigué

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