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Année 2009

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Frictionless dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates under fast trap variations

J. G. Muga, Xi Chen, A. Ruschhaupt, D. Guéry-Odelin

Imaging fast relaxation dynamics of NO2

R Cireasa, J-B Hamard, C Maury, V Blanchet

Molecular vibrational cooling by optical pumping with shaped femtosecond pulses

D. Sofikitis, S. Weber, A. Fioretti, R. Horchani, M. Allegrini, B. Chatel, D. Comparat and P. Pillet

Multimode-to-monomode guided-atom lasers : An entropic analysis

G. L. Gattobigio, A. Couvert, M. Jeppesen, R. Mathevet, and D. Guéry-Odelin

Phase control of nonadiabatic optical transitions

F. A. Hashmi and M. A. Bouchene

Product vibrational distribution in CH3Br photodissociation

Christelle Escure, Thierry Leininger, Bruno Lepetit

Production of H− Ions by Surface Mechanisms in Cs - free Multi-dipolar Microwave Plasma

Stéphane Béchu, Didier Lemoine, Marthe Bacal, Alexandre Bès et Jacques Pelletier

The physics of dipolar bosonic quantum gases

T Lahaye, C Menotti, L Santos, M Lewenstein and T Pfau

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