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Année 2009

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A pump-probe study of the photoassociation of rubidium molecules

D. J. McCabe, D. G. England, H. E. L. Martay, M. E. Friedman, J. Petrovic, E. Dimova, B. Chatel and I. A. Walmsley

Ab-initio study of valence and Rydbeg states of CH3Br.

C. Escure, T. Leininger, B. Lepetit

Actively Tailored Spatiotemporal Images of Quantum Interference on the Picometer and Femtosecond Scales

Hiroyuki Katsuki, Hisashi Chiba, Christoph Meier, Bertrand Girard, and Kenji Ohmori

Birefringence of interferential mirrors at normal incidence : Experimental and computational study

F. Bielsa, A. Dupays, M. Fouché, R. Battesti, C. Robilliard and C. Rizzo

Broadband vibrational cooling of cold molecules :

D. Sofikitis, S. Weber, A. Fioretti, R. Horchani, M. Allegrini, B. Chatel, D. Comparat and P. Pillet

Cold cesium molecules : from formation to cooling

A. Fioretti, D. Sofikitis, R. Horchani, X. Li, M. Pichler, S. Weber, M. Allegrini, B. Chatel, D. Comparat, and P. Pillet

Controlling the Polarization Eigenstate of a Quantum Dot Exciton with Light

T. Belhadj, C. M. Simon, T. Amand, P. Renucci, B. Chatel, O. Krebs,
A. Lemaître, P. Voisin, X. Marie, and B. Urbaszek

Direct Shaping of tunable UV ultrashort pulses

S. Weber, M. Barthélémy and B. Chatel

Dispersive atom interferometry phase shifts

S. Lepoutre, H. Jelassi, V. P. A. Lonij, G. Trénec, M. Büchner, A. D. Cronin and J. Vigué

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