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Année 2008

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Modelling of He_N^+ cations : II calculation of He_3^+ vibrational spectrum

F. Karlicky, B. Lepetit, R. kalus, I. Paidarova, F.X. Gadéa

Optimal transport of ultracold atoms in the non-adiabatic regime

A. Couvert, T. Kawalec, G. Reinaudi and D. Guéry-Odelin

Quantum Vacuum Friction in Highly Magnetized Neutron Stars

A. Dupays, C. Rizzo, D. Bakalov and G.F. Bignami

Scattering of cold electrons by ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and carbonyl sulfide

N. C. Jones, D. Field, S. L. Lunt, and J.-P. Ziesel

Search for photon oscillations into massive particles

M. Fouché, C. Robilliard, S. Faure, C. Rizzo, J. Mauchain, M. Nardone, R. Battesti, L. Martin, A.-M. Sautivet, J.-L. Paillard, and F. Amiranoff

The BMV experiment : a novel apparatus to study the propagation of light in a transverse magnetic field

R. Battesti, B. Pinto Da Souza, S. Batut, C. Robilliard, G. Bailly, C. Michel, M. Nardone, L. Pinard, O. Portugall, G. Trénec, J.-M. Mackowski, G.L.J.A. Rikken, J. Vigué and C. Rizzo

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