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Année 2008

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A novel experimental method for the measurement of the caloric curves of clusters

Fabien Chirot, Pierre Feiden, Sébastien Zamith, Pierre Labastie, and Jean-Marc L’Hermite

A quasi-monomode guided atom laser from an all-optical Bose-Einstein condensate

A. Couvert, M. Jeppesen, T. Kawalec, G. Reinaudi, R. Mathevet and D. Guéry-Odelin

A transportable pulsed magnet system for fundamental investigations in quantum electrodynamics and particle physics

S. Batut, J. Mauchain, R. Battesti, C. Robilliard, M. Fouché and O. Portugall

Above threshold ionization in a strong dc electric field

Y. Ni, S. Zamith, F. Lepine, T. Martchenko, M. Kling, O. Ghafur, H. G. Muller, G. Berden,
F. Robicheaux, and M. J. J. Vrakking

Absolute charge transfer and fragmentation cross sections in $\color{red}He_2^+ - C_{60}$ collisions

A. Rentenier, L. F. Ruiz, S. Diaz Tendero, B. Zarour, P. Moretto Capelle, D.
Bordenave Montesquieu, A. Bordenave Montesquieu, P. A. Hervieux, M. Alcami, M. F. Politis, J. Hanssen, and F. Martin

Adiabatic electron affinities of (AgF)n clusters : Experiment and DFT caculations

F. Rabilloud, O. Bonhomme, J.-M. L’Hermite, P. Labastie

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