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Année 2007

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Compensation of resonant atomic dispersion using a pulse shaper

J.C. Delagnes,
A. Monmayrant,
P. Zahariev,
A. Arbouet,
B. Chatel,
B. Girard and
M. A. Bouchene

Energetics and metastability of the adenine dication observed in proton - adenine collisions

Patrick Moretto-Capelle, Arnaud Le Padellec, Guillaume Brière, Sophie Massou and Frédéric Franceries

First measurements of the index of refraction of gases for lithium atomic waves

M. Jacquey, M. Büchner, G. Trénec and J. Vigué

Geometric phase effect in H_3 predissociation

B. Lepetit, R. Abrol, A. Kuppermann

Light Scalars Coupled to Photons and Non-Newtonian Forces

A. Dupays, J. Redondo, E. Masso, C. Rizzo

New Spectroscopic Data, Spin-Orbit Functions, and Global Analysis of Data on the $A ^1\Sigma^+_u$ and $b ^3\Pi_u$ States of $Na_2$

P. Qi, J. Bai, E. Ahmed, A. M. Lyyra, and S. Kotochigova, A. J. Ross and C. Effantin, P. Zalicki, J. Vigué, G. Chawla, R. W. Field, T.-J. Whang, W. C. Stwalley, J. Shang and L. Li, and T. Bergeman

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