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Année 2007

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Experimental Determination of Nucleation Scaling Law for Small Charged Particles

F. Chirot, P. Labastie, S. Zamith, and J.-M. L’Hermite

Long-Range Repulsive Interaction between Molecules on a Metal Surface Induced by Charge Transfer

I. Fernandez-Torrente, S. Monturet, K. J. Franke, J. Fraxedas, N. Lorente, and J. I. Pascual

No “Light Shining through a Wall” : Results from a Photoregeneration Experiment

C. Robilliard, R. Battesti, M. Fouché, J. Mauchain, A.-M. Sautivet, F. Amiranoff, and C. Rizzo

Ab-initio predissociation dynamics of He-I2(B) complex"

A. Valdes, R. Prosmiti, P. Villareal, G. Delgado-Barrio, D. Lemoine, B. Lepetit

Calculation of argon trimer rovibrational spectrum

F. Karlicky, B. Lepetit, R. Kalus, and X. Gadéa

Chirping a two-photon transition in a multi-state ladder

W. Merkel, H. Mack, W. P. Schleich, E. Lutz, G. G. Paulus, B. Girard

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