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Année 2001

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Ab initio study of silver bromide AgnBrp+ clusters (n<or=6,p=n,n-1)

F. Rabilloud, F. Spiegelman, J. M. L’Hermite and P. Labastie

Caloric curve across the liquid-to-gas change for sodium clusters

M. Schmidt, T. Hippler, J. Donges, W. Kronmuller, B. von Issendorff, H. Haberland and P. Labastie

Evidence for trimers evaporation in silver bromide clusters

J. M. L’Hermite, F. Rabilloud, P. Labastie and F. Spiegelman

Metastable fragmentation of silver bromide clusters

J. M. L’Hermite, F. Rabilloud, L. Marcou and P. Labastie

Nonadiabatic multi-electron dynamics in strong field molecular ionization

Lezius M., Blanchet V., Rayner D.M., Villeneuve D.M., Stolow A., Ivanov M.

Observation of Coherent Transients in Ultrashort Chirped Excitation of an Undamped Two-Level System

S. Zamith, J. Degert, S. Stock, B. De Beauvoir, V. Blanchet, M. A. Bouchene and B. Girard

Toward Polyatomic Wave Packet Decomposition : Final State Effects

K. Resch, V. Blanchet, Albert Stolow and T. Seidemann

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