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Année 2002

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Realization of a Time-Domain Fresnel Lens with Coherent Control

J. Degert, W. Wohlleben, B. Chatel, M. Motzkus and B. Girard

Relative cross sections for the Electron Impact Single Detachment on Li-

A. Le Padellec, G.F. Collins, H. Danared, A. Källberg, F. Hellberg, K. Andersson, D. Hanstorp and M. Larsson

Rovibrational preexcitation in the photodesorption of CO from Cr2O3

S. Thiel, T. Klüner, D. Lemoine and H.-J. Freund

Six-dimensional quantum and classical dynamics study of H2(n=0,J=0) from Pd(111)

H.F. Busnengo, E. Pijper, M.F. Somers, G.J. Kroes, A. Salin, R.A. Olsen, D. Lemoine and W. Dong

The three-grating Mach-Zehnder optical interferometer : a tutorial approach using particle optics

A. Miffre, R. Delhuille, B. Viaris de Lesegno, M. Büchner, C. Rizzo and J. Vigué

Vector correlations and alignment parameters in the photodissociation of HF and DF

G. Balint-Kurti, A. Brown, J.A. Beswick and O.S. Vasyutinskii

Vibrational and Electronic Properties of acetylene, ethynyl and dicarbon chemisorbed on copper

F.E. Olsson, M. Persson, N. Lorente, L.J. Lauhon, and W. Ho

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