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Année 2002

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Electric dipole moments and polarizabilities of single excess electron sodium fluoride clusters : Experiment and theory.

D. Rayane, I. Compagnon, R. Antoine, M. Broyer, P. Dugourd, P. Labastie, J.M. L’Hermite, A. Le Padellec, G. Durand, F. Calvo, F. Spiegelman and A.R. Allouche

Electronic and vibrational predissociation in ArI2 photodissociation dynamics

B. Lepetit, O. Roncero, A.A. Buchachenko and N. Halberstadt

Giant resonances in cold electron scattering by CS2

D. Field, N. C. Jones, J. P. Ziesel and T. A. Field

High contrast Mach-Zehnder lithium atom interferometer in the Bragg regime

R. Delhuille, C. Champenois, M. Büchner, L. Jozefowski, C. Rizzo, G. Trénec and J. Vigué

Interferences of ultrashort free electron wave packets

M. Wollenhaupt, A. Assion, D. Liese, C. Sarpe-Tudoran, T. Baumert, S. Zamith, M. A. Bouchene, B. Girard, A. Flettner, U. Weichmann and G. Gerber

Merged beam study of the associative ionisation (C+, N+ and O+) + O-

T. Nzeyimana, E.A. Naji, X. Urbain and A. Le Padellec

Merged beam study of the associative ionisation O-+D+/O++D- and C++D-

E.A Naji, T. Nzeyimana, X. Urbain and A. Le Padellec

Molecular dynamics simulation of the I2(X)...Ar isomers population in a free jet expansion : thermodynamics versus kinetic control

A. Bastida, J. Zuniga, A. Requena, B. Miguel, J. A. Beswick, J. Vigué and N. Halberstadt

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