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Année 2004

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Collision quenching of antiprotonic helium atoms in gaseous helium

B.D. Obreshkov, D. Bakalov, B. Lepetit and K. Szalewicz

Decay and dephasing of the Cu(100) image states induced by Cu adatoms

F. Olsson, A.-G. Borisov, M. Persson, N. Lorente, A. Kazansky and J.-P. Gauyacq

Electron capture, ionization and fragmentation in collisions of singly-charged ions with C60

P. Moretto-Capelle, A. Rentenier, D. Bordenave-Montesquieu, and A. Bordenave-Montesquieu

Fractional Revivals in the ro-vibrational motion of I2

T. Lohmüller, C. Meier, V. Engel and J. A. Beswick

Fragmentation of highly excited small neutral carbon clusters

G. Martinet, S. Diaz-Tendero, M. Chabot, K. Wohrer, S. Della Negra, F. Mezdari, H. Hamrita, P. Désesquelles, A. Le Padellec, D. Gardès et al.

Frustrated energy transport through micro—waveguides decorated by gold nanoparticle chains

R. Quidant, G. Lévêque, J.-C. Weeber, A. Dereux, C. Girard and J. Weiner

Hybrid quantum/classical dynamics using Bohmian trajectories

E. Gindensperger, C. Meier, and J. A. Beswick

Inelastic scattering and local heating in atomic gold wires

T. Frederiksen, M. Brandbyge, N. Lorente and A.-P. Jauho

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