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Merged beam study of the associative ionisation (C+, N+ and O+) + O-

Total cross-sections have been measured for the associative ionisation of C++O-, N++O- and O++O- by means of a merged-beam set-up operating with keV beams. These original measurements might be relevant to the understanding of some astrophysical objects or laboratory-made plasmas (flames and etching plasmas). The magnitude of these cross-sections is particularly large whatever the associating system, as these are in the range of 1210-14 cm2 at thermal energies. Their behaviour as a function of energy significantly differs from one system to another, and is characterised by the Wigner law at low energy, and a rapid fall-off at higher energy due to competition with non-associative ionisation processes.

doi : 10.1140/epjd/e20020090

Voir en ligne : Eur. Phys. J. D, 19, 315-325, (2002)