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Low-energy total electron scattering in the methyl halides CH3Cl, CH3Br and CH3I

Absolute integral and backward total scattering cross-sections are reported for the polar molecules CH3Cl, CH3Br and CH3I at electron energies from not, vert, similar10 meV to 0.7 eV for backward scattering and 20 meV to 9.5 eV for integral scattering. Below 1–2 eV, the present integral cross-sections are significantly higher than data in the literature. The Born point-dipole cross-sections for rotationally inelastic scattering have been calculated and are compared with the experimental total scattering cross-sections. Discrepancies give a measure of pure elastic scattering at very low energy. Data for CH3I demonstrate the presence of strong resonant elastic scattering and dissociative attachment at low energy.


Voir en ligne : Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 277, 91-95 (2008)