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Dispersion compensation in atom interferometry by a Sagnac phase

We reanalyzed our atom interferometer measurement of the electric polarizability of lithium, now accounting for the Sagnac effect due to the Earth’s rotation. The resulting correction to the polarizability is very small, but the visibility as a function of the applied phase shift is now better explained. The fact that the Sagnac and polarizability phase shifts are both proportional to v−1, where v is the atom velocity, suggests that a phase shift of the Sagnac type could be used as a counterphase to compensate for the electric polarizability phase shift. This exact compensation opens the way to higher-accuracy measurements of atomic polarizabilities, and we discuss how this can be done in practice and the final limitations of the proposed technique.


Voir en ligne : Phys. Rev. A 78, 013638 (2008)