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Relative cross sections for the Electron Impact Single Detachment on Li-

The electron impact single detachment process on Li- targets was studied using the storage ring CRYRING located at the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. The Li- ions, first stored in the storage ring, were merged with a cold, 1.4 cm in diameter, electron beam. The neutral Li atoms, originating from the process under scrutiny, were recorded by an energy-sensitive surface barrier detector in order to measure the relative electron single detachment cross section. The findings are the following. The cross section increases smoothly above the 1.4 eV detachment threshold and reaches a maximum at about 12 eV. At even larger energies a slow decrease, which follows the ln (E)/E energy dependence predicted by the Bethe–Born approximation, is observed.


Voir en ligne : J. Phys. B, 35, 3669-3676, (2002)