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New Spectroscopic Data, Spin-Orbit Functions, and Global Analysis of Data on the $A ^1\Sigma^+_u$ and $b ^3\Pi_u$ States of $Na_2$

The lowest electronically excited states of Na2 are of interest as intermediaries in the excitation of higher states and in the development of methods for producing cold molecules. We have compiled previously obtained spectroscopic data on the A 1Sigmau+ and b 3Piu states of Na2 from about 20 sources, both published and unpublished, together with new sub-Doppler linewidth measurements of about 15 000 A<—X transitions using polarization spectroscopy. We also present new ab initio results for the diagonal and off-diagonal spin-orbit functions. The discrete variable representation is used in conjunction with Hund’s case a potentials plus spin-orbit effects to model data extending from v=0 to very close to the 3 2S+3 2P1/2 limit. Empirical estimates of the spin-orbit functions agree well with the ab initio functions for the accessible values of R. The potential function for the A state includes an exchange potential for S+P atoms, with a fitted coefficient somewhat larger than the predicted value. Observed and calculated term values are presented in an auxiliary (EPAPS) file as a database for future studies on Na2.

DOI : 10.1063/1.2747595

Voir en ligne : J. Chem. Phys. 127, 044301 (2007)