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Spectral and temporal modifications of a weak resonant ultrashort pulse propagating in a two-level system driven by a strong nonresonant field

An ultrashort strong nonresonant pulse induces transient phenomena in an optically thick medium consisting of an ensemble of nondegenerate two-level atoms (nonadiabatic transitions, transient light-shifts,...). A weak resonant pulse propagates in the system and we study theoretically and numerically the temporal and spectral modifications that are induced. Moreover, we show that the atomic media, modified by a strong pulse can act as a “pulse-shaper” device that can modify, in a controlled way, the shape of the weak pulse. It maps out the transient light shift induced by the strong pulse and reduces efficiently the long time dispersion tail of the weak pulse. We study and discuss the physical phenomena that allow such shaping effects and the necessary conditions to satisfy in order to observe them.


Voir en ligne : Phys. Rev. A 74, 053822 (2006)