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Transport theory and Monte-Carlo simulation of the scattering of low energy Li+ ions from a polycrystalline nickel surface

In this paper, we present experimental results about the scattering of 4 keV Li+ ions by a polycrystalline nickel surface. Incidence angle was λ=4° and different values of the scattering angle α are considered. Two simulation methods are used in order to calculate the angular distributions of the total path length in solids, the reflection coefficient and the energetic scattering spectra of reflected particles. The first method is based on a Monte Carlo code (TRIM). The second method is based on the solution of the Boltzmann equation in the transport theory frame and is valuable for low incidence and scattering angles. In both cases, the binary-collision approximation is assumed and multiple scattering of incident particles is included. Comparison between simulated curves is done without any normalization and shows good agreement. It is important to note here, that comparison of simulated energetic spectra to experimental ones allows the determination of inelastic stopping power (dE/dx)ine which is difficult to evaluate otherwise in this energy range.

Voir en ligne : NIMB, 183, 279-284 (2001)