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An undulator based spherical grating monochromator beamline for low energy electron-molecule scattering experiments

A new synchrotron radiation undulator beamline, SGM2, with an energy range of 12–20 eV, has been commissioned on the ASTRID storage ring at the University of Aarhus. Using a spherical grating monochromator, the beamline is presently optimized for an energy of 15.76 eV (78.65 nm), for the 3p5(2P1/2)11s resonance in argon, for use in electron-molecule scattering experiments. Using this beamline in conjunction with an electron-molecule scattering apparatus, a beam of electrons down to kinetic energies of a few meV with a resolution of 1 meV full width at half maximum is routinely produced.


Voir en ligne : Rev. Sci. Instr. 73, 4157-63 (2002)