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Giant resonances in cold electron scattering by CS2

Experimental data are presented for the scattering of cold electrons by CS2, for both integral and backward scattering, between a few meV and a few hundred meV impact energy. Giant resonances with cross sections in excess of 50   Å2 are observed below 100 meV, associated with the transient formation of CS2- at 15 meV and with the bend and symmetric stretch of CS2 at thresholds of 49 and 82 meV, respectively. The resonance at 49 meV is 2 orders of magnitude greater in cross section than a dipole impulsive model predicts. These structures are superimposed on a sharp rise in the scattering cross section at low energy, which may be attributed to virtual state scattering.


Voir en ligne : Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 093201/1-4 (2002)