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Dynamics and Interference of fine-structure wave packets created by strong ultrashort pulses

This work presents a theoretical study of two coherent schemes which allow the manipulation of wave packets created in atomic systems by strong ultrashort pulses. Our three-state system is composed of a ground state and two excited states simultaneously excited by the laser pulses. The corresponding dynamics are described in the bright state-dark state formalism where spectacular effects appear. (1) The wave packet created initially by a first pulse can be completely frozen through the action of a second strong pulse. (2) For pulses with a generalized pulse area equal to (2p+1)2pi (p integer), the population is preferentially transferred from the ground state to the dark state whatever the pulse duration. This is in complete disagreement with the physical interpretation valid in the weak field regime where the wave packet created by an ultrashort pulse is localized in the bright state at the end of the pulse. This effect can be revealed with wave packet interference induced by a second identical pulse. A simple analytical model using squared pulses is used to highlight the physical insight. This model is ’reinforced’ by numerical simulations on the (4s-4p 2P1/2,1/3) transitions in potassium atoms excited with Gaussian pulses.

DOI : 10.1080/09500340110074745

Voir en ligne : J. Mod. Optics 49, 183-200 (2002)