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Effect of a transient light shift on the propagation of an ultrashort pulse in a resonant atomic medium

An ultrashort weak pulse that propagates resonantly on the |a>—>|b> transition of a three-level system (|a>,|b>,|c>) experiences reshaping effects on a time scale longer than its duration. When a strong field is applied (nonresonantly) on the |b>—>|c> transition, important light shifts are induced. We have theoretically studied the novel behavior of both the medium and weak propagating laser pulses in such conditions. For the transmitted field profile, drastic changes occur : at long times, efficient reduction of the distortion is obtained, while strong oscillations appear for short times, mapping out the dynamical light shift. These shaping effects, which are accompanied by new features in the spectrum for the propagating pulse, are interpreted as the result of the interference between incident field and induced dipole radiated field, whose frequency sweeps in time because of the induced light shift.


Voir en ligne : Phys. Rev. A 69, 063813 (2004)