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Theoretical absorption spectra and conformational changes in ground and excites states of Na3F

The electronic structure and excited states of the Na3F cluster are investigated using different approximate, but numerically efficient, computational schemes, such as a 2e hybrid quantum/classical pseudopotential model with full-configuration interaction or time-dependent density-functional theory. Various quantities such as geometries and transition energies are compared with results previously obtained by multireference configuration interaction calculations, taken as reference data. The potential energy surfaces of the lowest excited states are investigated and the finite-temperature absorption spectra are calculated. The good agreement with recent beam experiments [J.-M. L’Hermite, V. Blanchet, A. Le Padellec, B. Lamory, and P. Labastie, Eur. Phys. J. D 28, 361 (2004)] leads to the conclusion that the absorption spectrum observed experimentally corresponds to the lowest energy isomer which has a C2v planar rhombic geometry.

Voir en ligne : J. Chem. Phys., 121, 9898 (2004)