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Laser control of vibrational excitation in carboxy-hemoglobin : a quantum wave packet study

A coherent control algorithm is applied to obtain complex-shaped infrared laser pulses for the selective vibrational excitation of carbon monoxide at the active site of carbonmonoxyhemoglobin, modeled by the six-coordinated iron-porphyrin-imidazole-CO complex. The influence of the distal histidine is taken into account by an additional imidazole molecule. Density-functional theory is employed to calculate a multidimensional ground-state potential energy surface, and the vibrational dynamics as well as the laser interaction is described by quantum wave-packet calculations. At each instant in time, the optimal electric field is calculated and used for the subsequent quantum dynamics. The results presented show that the control scheme is applicable to complex systems and that it yields laser pulses with complex time-frequency structures, which, nevertheless, have a clear physical interpretation.


Voir en ligne : J. Chem. Phys. 123, 044504 (2005)