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The nanofiber - cold atom platform : A tool for studying light-matter interaction and prospects for interfacing ultracold molecules

The interaction between light and two-level quantum emitters is a fundamental process in quantum optics. A defining feature of this process is antibunching, i.e., two photons are never detected simultaneously when scattered by a single quantum emitter. This phenomenon is typically explained by the fact that a single two-level quantum emitter can only absorb and emit single photons. In this seminar, I will present a complementary picture supported by two experimental studies [1,2] that demonstrate that photon antibunching arises from quantum interference between two types of two-photon scattering processes, namely coherent and incoherent scattering.

These results were obtained with laser-cooled atoms interfaced with a tapered optical fiber, or nanofiber. Interestingly, the nanofiber platform has been recently proposed to interface ultracold molecules [3], whose complexity opens up new possibilities in fundamental science. I will briefly introduce the challenges and opportunities of ultracold molecules referring to our work in Florence [4]. Finally, I will discuss how I envision assembling ultracold molecules using nanofibers.

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