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Asymmetric fission and evaporation of C60q+ (q=2-4) fullerene ions in ion - C60 collisions. II- Dependent on collisional processes

In this paper, a quantitative comparison of our experimental data for the asymmetrical fission (AF) and neutral evaporation of the C60 molecule under proton impact (part I) is made with data published by other authors and often obtained in rather different collisional systems. The comparison with multicharged ions for which more quantitative data are available is focused on. It is demonstrated that size distributions of fragments, averaged fragment sizes, branching ratios between AF and evaporation or between AF channels, are common to all the collisional systems. Differences only appear when the comparison includes the undissociated stable fullerene ion signals.


Voir en ligne : J. Phys. B 37, 2455-2465 (2004)