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Séminaires 2013

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Measurement of the Boltzmann constant by laser spectroscopy : towards a contribution to the future International System of units

Cyril Lemarchand

The current International System of units (SI) is built on a choice of seven well-defined base units : the meter, the kilogram, the second, the kelvin, the ampere, the mole and the candela. The (...)

Molecular Dynamics probed by velocity map imaging


Among the ultrafast dynamics that we have studied in the past three years, I will present the photodissociation of ClN3 probed by velocity map imaging and the vibrational quantum beats probed by (...)

Séminaire interne

Jonathan Gillot

Shortcuts to adiabaticity

Gonzalo MUGA (université de Bilbao, professeur invité dans l’équipe Atomes Froids)

The talk is an introduction to the concept of "shortcuts to adiabaticity". They are broadly defined as methods to speed up slow adiabatic protocols to manipulte quantum systems. I shall first (...)

Spectral encoding based measurement of ultrafast x-ray arrival and shape characterization

Mina Bionta (LCAR)

Abstract : Single-shot measurement of the relative delay between x-ray free electron laser (FEL) pulses and optical laser pulses has now been improved to 10 fs rms error and has successfully been (...)

Theoretical description of the dynamics of N2 scattering on W(100) surface

Pascal Larregaray, Université de Bordeaux

The dynamics of N2 scattering from a W(100) surface is investigated by quasi-classical trajectory simulations in order to rationalize the measured scattered angle distributions (C. T. Rettner, E. (...)

Ultrafast exciton self-trapping upon geometry deformation in perylene-based molecular aggregates

Alexander Schubert

Perylene-based organic semi-conductors are intensively investigated since they represent promising materials for thin film electronic devices such as organic solar cells. These investigations (...)

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