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Quantum Sensing with Ultra-cold Atom Interferometers : a theoretical perspective

Salle de séminaire 3R4 - Jeudi 13 avril 2023 à 11 h

Atom interferometry for extended drift times of seconds or featuring Large Momentum Transfer (LMT) schemes promise a major leap in improving precision and accuracy of matter-wave sensors.

As their sensitivity is ever increasing, atom interferometers are expected to become integral parts in a new generation of quantum sensors allowing for high-precision measurements of inertial and electromagnetic forces, accurate determination of fundamental constants as the fine structure constant 𝛼, tests of foundational laws of modern physics as the equivalence principle or the detection of gravitational waves.

At levels of precision going beyond the state of the art, modelling the sensor with high fidelity becomes crucial. In my team, novel analytical approaches to matter-wave interferometers are taken on one hand and efficient numerical time-dependent solvers capable to deal with realistic atom interferometry processes are developed on the other.

In this contribution, an overview of tools of both categories and the possible phase resolution they allow to achieve in statistical and systematic uncertainties is given. It will be illustrated by concrete examples of recent experiments on ground and in space where quantum-gas sensors are pushed beyond state of the art.