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Circular Rydberg atoms : from quantum thermodynamics towards quantum simulations

Technological breakthroughs in controlling individual quantum systems are opening up broad perspectives in quantum science. Individual circular Rydberg atoms interacting with high-quality superconducting resonators have already shown their exceptional importance in developing quantum technologies. The high degree of control over Rydberg atoms make them also excellent ingredients for thriving fields, like quantum thermodynamics and quantum simulations.

I will first present how we contributed, with our cavity QED setup, to quantum thermodynamics where fundamentally random quantum measurements and non-classical coherence start to play a significant role in the system’s dynamics. The realization of a Maxwell’s demon at the microscopic level made it possible to study in every detail entropy production and its connection to the Second law and irreversibility.

Quantum simulations involving a large number of atoms requires, among other things, a significant increase of the atomic lifetime. We are building a next-generation experimental setup in which arrays of Rydberg atoms will be trapped and protected from spontaneous emission by properly tailoring their microwave environment. I will present the main challenges of this project, its current status and the perspectives it opens.