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State-resolved scattering study of ligand-photo-elimination of transition metal complexes in the gas phase

Salle de séminaire de l’IRSAMC Bât 3R1b4 3e étage portes N325 et 327

Séminaire de Hiroshi KOGUCHI (Department on chemistry, Hiroshima University, Japan)
le vendredi 17 novembre à 11 h

A major interesting subject in photochemistry of transition metal complex is photocatalytic action of metalic complexes. The unsaturated transient radicals that is generated y photoelimination of ligands of the complex play a critical role as an active catalytic agent. However, the details of the excited state dynamics followed by the photoelimination is not fully understood yet. We have conducted the ion-imaging experiments of the transition metal carbony and nitrosyl complexes with Fe and Co metal centers, observing the nascent vibrational and rotational state distributions of the CO and NO photofragments. Both statistical and dynamical signatures of the photoelimination mechanism by the ultraviolet irradiation were found in the final state distribution. The eliminated carbonyl and nitrosyl ligands showed markedly different scattering distributions. These gas-phase results are discussed for elucidating the excited state dynamics of the ultraviolet photochemistry of these complexes.