• In silico spectroscopic studies of PAHs of astrochemical interest

    Responsable du stage : Patrick Cassam-Chenaı̈ ( Équipe Interfaces des Mathématiques et Systèmes Complexes, Laboratoire J. A. Dieudonné, Faculté des Sciences, UCA-CNRS, Parc Valrose, 06108 Nice cedex 2. Abstract: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are a family of organic compounds composed of aromatic rings of carbon atoms, whose peripheral valencies are… Lire la suite

  • Laser spectroscopy of biomolecular systems : structure, interactions and selectivity

    Internship for 1st and 2nd year Master student. 01 69 15 79 54 ISMO – Université Paris Saclay Biological systems are gouverned by non covalent molecular interactions (H bonding, Van der Waals bonding) that can be probed by gas phase laser spectroscopy techniques experiments, in combination of theoretical molecular… Lire la suite

  • A new laser spectroscopy setup for exploring the mid infrared spectra of biomolecular systems.

    contact: tel. 0169157954 ISMO – Université Paris Saclay Internship for 1st or 2nd year Master. Vibrational spectroscopy is a tool of choice for probing the non-covalent molecular interactions that are at the center of interactions between biological molecules. In our laboratory, we have developed an expertise in the infrared… Lire la suite

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