Laser spectroscopy of biomolecular systems : structure, interactions and selectivity

Internship for 1st and 2nd year Master student.
01 69 15 79 54
ISMO – Université Paris Saclay

Biological systems are gouverned by non covalent molecular interactions (H bonding, Van der Waals bonding) that can be probed by gas phase laser spectroscopy techniques experiments, in combination of theoretical molecular modeling methods at the quantum and classical levels.
Characterizing the interactions between peptides and carbohydrates is of prime importance in biology, as sugars play a major role in molecular recognition processes and peptides are models for sugar receptor proteins (lectins).
The goal of the internship will be to combine experiments and theory to evidence the structures of simple molecular systems forming a sugar-peptide complex.
The intern will be introduced to several experimental techniques used in many fields of experimental physical chemistry : lasers and optics, IR and UV spectroscopy, laser desorption of biomolecules, supersonic expansions to cool down the molecules and stabilize the complexes, mass spectrometry detection, vacuum techniques. In parallel, the simulation of the spectra to interpret the data and their interpretation may also be part of the project.

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