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Theory Team

Photo credit : Jean-Christophe Tremblay (july 2016)

From left to right :
- first row : Manuel Barranco, Christoph Meier, Lidice Cruz Rodriguez
- second row : Mohamed Aziz Bouchène, Alberto Beswick, Bruno Lepetit, Didier Lemoine, François Coppens, Etienne Mangaud, Sergey Alyabyshev, Nadine Halberstadt.

The theory group works in the field of theoretical atomic and molecular physics. It is mainly focused on the modeling of quantum dynamical processes involving atomic or molecular systems in interaction with photons, surfaces or in general complex environments, like clusters, clathrates, proteins, etc. A large fraction of the theoretical work is devoted to methodological developments taking into account the high dimensionality of the systems under study. These studies often take place within national or international collaborations.