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Strong field interaction of a femtosecond laser with metallic nanotips

Our experiment aims at investigating the interaction between ultrashort laser pulses and single metallic nanotips. Our goal is to extend to coherent control schemes performed so far on simple (...)

Coherent control on atoms and small molecules

Observation and manipulation of Coherent Transients :
The principle and experimental demonstration of time resolved quantum state holography has been demonstrated. The quantum state of an (...)

Photoassociation and cooling of molecules

Two main approaches :
Using an ultrashort pulse to photoassociate molecules from cold atoms. Work performed in collaboration with I. Walmsley (Oxford).
Using cw laser to photoassociate (...)

Coherent control on single quantum dots

This work is performed in collaboration with X. Marie and T. Amand from the LPCNO-INSA(Toulouse).
The energy states in semiconductor quantum dots are discrete as in atoms, and quantum states can (...)

Spatio-temporal control of scattered light

Pulses of light propagating through multiply scattering media undergo complex spatial and temporal distortions to form the familiar speckle pattern. There is much current interest in both the (...)

Factorization of numbers with light pulses

References :
D. Bigourd, B. Chatel, W. P. Schleich and B. Girard,. "Factorization of numbers with the temporal talbot effect: Optical implementation by a sequence of shaped ultrashort pulses" (...)