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Femto Team

Until now, the FEMTO team has developed numerous studies in the field of coherent control of small quantum systems. These were based on the use of sequences of identical pulses, creating wave packet interferences, on chirped pulses or on shaped pulses. These various control schemes have been successfully implemented in atoms on multiphotonic transitions, to cool molecules, to create robust quantum state in single quantum dot to spatially localize and temporally focus scattering light or to factorize numbers using phase encoded pulse sequence.

These works allowed the development of several fruitful collaborations in France and abroad.

The group is now building a new set-up in order to study the interaction of a single carbon nanotube with ultrashort pulses.

Organigramme du LCAR au 1er janvier 2013

The femtoChimie group, part of the femto team has moved to CELIA during summer 2013.