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The summer school will be held in the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, an Institute devoted to this type of meetings. It is located close to the beach at walking distance (20 min. via the main road, 15 min. via a ’goat path’) from the village of Cargese.
Lunch for all participants will be served at the Institute (except during the weekend).

Housing will be based on shared room or apartment in the Institute or in the village. Camping is also possible at the Institute (Showers etc. are available. You have to bring your own camping equipment.).

- Computers :
A computer room with internet connection and ethernet cables is available
at the Institute. A WiFi network will also be set up (but not during
lectures !). If you intend to connect your computer to the network, you are
kindly asked to update your antivirus database. France delivers 220V 50Hz electricity with round plugs.

- Music :
Cargese is music-friendly Institute, with a grand piano in a climatized
music room. Why not bring along your instrument and favorite music sheets ?
Your favorite CDs might also turn out handy some evenings...

- Weather :
Temperatures in Cargese at this time of the year range between 10 degree
Celsius (all time record low), 17 (average min. temperature) to 27 (average
max.) and 39 (all time record high). Rainfall is exceptional : less than 2
days/month above 0.25mm raifall/day.

- Do not forget :
Light clothes, light/confortable walking shoes, a flash light for evening
walks on bumpy paths, a swimming suit and towel (+ diving mask ?).

- You may forget :
Sheets are available for all housing possibilities ; bathroom towels also
(except for camping).