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Bogoliubov dispersion relation for a photon fluid : Is this a superfluid ?

by Quentin Glorieux (Sorbonne Université - ENS - Laboratoire Kassler Brossel)

Salle de séminaire de l’IRSAMC Bât 3R1b4 3e étage portes N325 et 327.

In specific configurations light can behave as a fluid. During this presentation I will introduce the basics of hydrodynamics with light propagating in atomic vapors. Using the analogy between the non-linear Schrodinger equation and the Gross-Pitaevskii equation, I will answer the question about Can we observe superfluidity with light ? I will also discuss recent non-linear and quantum optics experiments through the perspective of hydrodynamics and I will show the possibility of observing quantum turbulence, friction-less flow, and dispersive shock-wave formation.

[1] Chiao, Raymond Y., and Jack Boyce. "Bogoliubov dispersion relation and the possibility of superfluidity for weakly interacting photons in a two-dimensional photon fluid." Physical Review A 60.5 (1999) : 4114.

[2] Fontaine, Q., et al. "Observation of the Bogoliubov Dispersion in a Fluid of Light." Physical review letters 121.18 (2018) : 183604.