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The Lab

We have many different optical systems at our disposal in the lab, covering a broad range of wavelengths : femtosecond lasers, pulse shapers, spatial and temporal characterizations of ultrashort pulses. Some of them are commercial, and others are home-made :

- An amplified laser system : 3mJ, 30 fs, 1 kHz à 800 nm.

- Two Ti-Sa oscillators (sub-20fs and 100fs)

- Two Noncolinear Optical Parametric Amplifiers (20 µJ, 25 fs, 1 kHz à 450 - 650 nm)

- A liquid cristal pulse shaper (phase and amplitude, 2x 640 pixels)

- two pulse shapers based on the Acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter (one to work around 800 nm, the other one to work in the UV)

- Several non linear mixing

- Several temporal characterization set-up (SPIDER, XFROG, Spatio-Spectral Interferometry)